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I Absolutely Love This Product!!
This Product works great. I breed cats Persians/Himalayans and has definitely decreased eye drainage and crusty build up. i also have a small dog and it works BETTER

By: Jane Lee

Happy Eyes!
Excellent product that does what it says! Saw results within a week. Even cleared up Daphne's yeast reddened paws & toenails! Added benefit of not having wheat or corn as ingredients... low allergenic (does have beef). Will continue feeding the product.

Jodie Rolmel

I've tried Angel Eyes and I could not be happier with its results.... My white boxer Tito looks terrific, and since he has short hair, results were seen within a week or so. He weighs I gave him a teaspoon every day for a week, now I give him 1/2-1 teaspoon every other day for up keep... and I can actually tell if it's been too long a time between doses.. he starts getting "rusty" again.. I was so impressed with your product, I convinced my boss to start stocking it in the pet store I work in... I tell all my customers with white dogs about it...Thank you very much (in the pix, notice Tito's left eye... that's the "bad" one.. the difference is so amazing-)

Hi. I've been using your product for a month with my four-year-old Bichon, Wiggles. I'm really impressed with the results. His stains are almost completely gone.

Donna Schwartze


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